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Product Name: 1P-LSD L-tartrate

Other Name(s): 1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide hemi-L-tartrate, PLSD

IUPAC Name: (8β)-1-propionyl-N,N-diethyl-6-methyl-9,10-didehydroergoline-8-carboxamide hemi-L-tartrate


Molar Mass: 454.5 g/mol

Purity: >97%

Appearance: Off-white/tan solid

1P-LSD (1-propanoyl-LSD) is a novel lysergamide that first arose into prominence in January 2015. It is an N-propanoyl amide of LSD itself. Furthermore, It resembles the indole prodrug structure of ALD-52. Each blotter contains 100 mcg of the compound. It is NOT intended for human consumption, and is strictly for laboratory reagent or forensic analysis purposes ONLY. It is available only as the hemi-tartrate salt.

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7 reviews for 1P-LSD

  1. Brian H (verified owner)

    Top notch, clean and smooth – have bought multiple times

  2. Elijah Castro (verified owner)

    Very happy with my first order. Going to make many more and recommend.

  3. tamaatsi (verified owner)

    Excellent service and quality, my order arrived within 3 days, tested perfectly. I would certainly recommend it, thank you.

  4. Aaron Cardinal (verified owner)

    100% quality. shipping is awesome. tested and its what your looking for.

  5. Deano (verified owner)

    Extremely pleased with my order. Thank you for a quality product.

  6. 2020 (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and quality product 👍

  7. Atom (verified owner)

    Lovely. Will order again!

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